Veritas NetWorX™ T.V.(sm): BLACK REPUBLIC DAY

Saturday, January 26, 2013


HERE IS OUR RESPONSE, WITH MALICE TO ONE AND ALL, AND MERCY TO NONE: I sincerely dunno whether I should laugh aloud or cry. You Suckers refrain from telling the world her Real Name, which I have already ENGRAVED IN NEW YORK TIMES, THE HERALD, AND TIME MAGAZINE. And now you say her name will be written in Golden Words. WOW. By the way, do you know her real name even, wise FARTS? AND THAT BROTHER OR FATHER, Justice Verma, and mentally retarded JUDGE & IMPOTENTS ALIKE CAN ONLY boast ABOUT something which should always have been the REAL MODUS-OPERANDI. Big Deal he is Mr. President, for an individual resident of India, whether a beggar, or a millionaire, Don't you dare forget the fact THAT NO ONE INVITED HIM TO BE THE PREZ. HE WAS SPONSORED AND SOLD BY THE SAME CICILIAN ITALIAN FRATERNITY WHICH DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A VALID INDIAN PASSPORT, AS SHE PREFERRED TO KEEP HER ITALIANO NATIVE PASSPORT THAN AN INDIAN ONE, COS, DUAL NATIONALITY IS ILLEGAL NOW. And by delivering a BLAH-BLAH speech is His duty and he is under oath to do it. The masses are never under any type of Oath whatsoever. SO TO SERVE IS A SERVANT'S DUTY AND WHAT IS THERE TO BOAST ABOUT? And with your LOVELY mouth don't you dare say JAI HIND. Cos, we are the soldiers and you are an eunuch, who claps AT a cricket match with the same nation who beheaded our soldiers. WITH A BITTER AND LETHAL VENGEANCE...SHUT UP.
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